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By Appointment on Fridays only

At GSH Clinic & Surgery Pte Ltd, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality and personalized medical care. Our doctor will be accompanied by our friendly staff. Get in touch with us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. 

Home Care Consultation fees* per patient:- SGD160 onwards with effective from 8th April 2023. 

*Does not include the cost of medication, laboratory test, etc.

[A transport fee of SGD60 onwards depending on the location is applicable if the total bill falls below SGD180] 


Acute Care

For Adults and Children

Our patients can call in to make an appointment with our doctor. Patients can now receive medical attention in the comfort of their home.

Chronic Care

Diabetes, high blood pressure....

For the adult patient or elderly who do not find it convenient to travel to the clinic, they can call us for this service. Our doctor does his routine and thorough check for his patients and provides optimum care.

BP taking.jpg
Pediatrician Examining Infant

Preventive Care

Vaccinations for Adults & Children

Our doctor is very experienced with adult, baby and childhood vaccination. Patients can receive preventive care at the convenience of their home. Contact us with any questions or simply to learn more about our services.

Health Screening

Prevention is Better than Cure

Our Health Screening Service is widely received by our patients. Those who receive a clean bill of health are advised to continue their routine health screening. 
Patients who had medical conditions detected during the screening can receive early treatment for better outcome.

Image by Bill Oxford
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